DMButtons offers a priority drop-off appointment service. This means we allocate timed morning drop-off appointments (booked in advance) so you can benefit from us taking on your project.

You do not have to use the priority drop-off however there is a limit to what I can accommodate in the workroom. When we are full, we are full!

NOTE: The priority drop-off does not guarantee a while-you-wait service. The appointment honoured is providing that the customer is on time and the order is within our services and the quantity agreed at the time of booking. The work has to be prepared and marked correctly, with all details included.

If you would like to use the priority drop-off appointment service call the workroom during opening hours to check availability. Tuesday – Friday 8am – 3pm

07990702046 / 02074378897

Priority Drop-off FAQ’s

What is the appointment for?

The appointment gives you a day and time to drop-off your order at the workroom, however it does not guarantee a while you wait service.


Firstly contact to check availability for your specific request. You will need to provide thorough details when booking so the correct appointment is allocated. If we have booked you in then the order has to be prepared and marked correctly before coming to the workroom, with all details included. See individual ‘Services‘ pages for marking instructions. We will contact you at the agreed time when your order is ready to collect.

what is the advantage of an appointment?

Appointments give you an advantage during busy times. We have a limited capacity resulting in turning customers away when the workroom is busy. Appointments and postal orders take priority over walk-in customers

do I have to book an appointment?

Appointments are not mandatory. You can still use our walk-in service Tuesday – Friday 8am – 3pm, however walk-in customers have ‘pot luck’ on when we have availability. If we are busy we may refuse your order.