Jeans Buttons and Rivets

buttons, buttonholes, covered buttons, dmbuttons


We offer a machine application service for standard size jeans buttons and nipple cap rivets which come in a range of metal finishes that can including:

  • gold
  • silver
  • brushed gold/brass
  • matte silver
  • copper
  • with or without emboss detail

We can potentially apply your own jeans buttons if you have the compatible machine die-set. We cannot apply your jeans buttons using our machine parts.

We also offer a replacement jeans button service, depending on the fabric and existing hole – all holes will need to be repaired prior to coming to the workrooms. Bring the garment/item into our workrooms for us to assess the item.

“We cannot re-use jeans buttons nor rivets – once they are used or damaged they are obsolete”

HIGH-RISK GARMENTS – we do not apply jeans buttons and rivets to knit, lace nor netting. We may not eyelet lightweight fabrics, leather, pleather, wadded, unstabilised jersey or other stretch fabrics

STOCK AS OF JANUARY 2021. Although efforts have been made for accuracy, due to lighting and metal surfaces the colour may vary.
Check stock quantity at the time of ordering.

The finishes vary depending on our current stock. Please enquire directly or pop into the workrooms to see our current selection.

*NEW – copper finishes*

buttons, buttonholes, covered buttons, rivvets, jeans, jeans buttons dmbuttons
DMButtons – Rivets and Jeans Buttons – the copper collection


Bring your garments and/or fabric marked correctly. You need to mark a dot, with chalk or pencil, where the centre of each jeans button and/or rivet will be.


  • all jeans buttons and rivets = mark on the FACE SIDE (outside)

“double check your marking, as once these are applied they won’t be coming out”


Jeans buttons and rivets are priced per unit, meaning: garment/ panel / pattern piece at a minimum charge, up to the quantity of 10 jeans buttons or rivets. More than 10 jeans buttons or rivets on the unit (garment/ panel / pattern piece) will be the minimum charge plus price per additional jeans buttons or rivets.

  • jeans button – minimum charge per unit= £5.00 / 10+ buttons per unit = £0.50 per button.  For example, a garment/panel with 12 jeans buttons will be £6.00
  • rivets – minimum charge per unit = £5.00 / 10+ rivets per unit = £0.50 per rivet.    For example, a garment/panel with 12 rivets will be £6.00
  • jeans button replacement – minimum charge per unit = £10.00


We do not provide or send out samples of our press studs. Sampling will be completed at the above garment rates. 

Jeans buttons and rivets may not be suitable for stretch fabrics, and some plastic non-wovens.